30 | Queer (They/She) | Bi+Polyam | Butch | Gaymer | Doodler | Ferret Parent
Below are all my important Social Media links, please check them out! ✌✨
Please Note: I am most active on Twitter & Telegram, with Discord being a close second!
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ALSO: Please only contact me on personal messengers if you are a Mutual on Twitter/etc, OR looking for a commission/you are a commissioner, thanks!
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My main job is driving for UberEats & Lyft! If that is something you have been considering, and would want to sign up, please consider using my promo code for UberEats & Lyft!
New Passengers for Lyft can also use my code for a $5 credit! If you have any questions about driving for either, feel free to shoot me an email!

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